Pre-Construction Condos Mississauga

Over the years, the city of Mississauga has developed an urban setting of its own that has made it a great place to invest property at. A boom in the real estate and construction market has seen an increase in the sale of pre-construction condominium units. Often called the “Gateway to Canada”, the city is home to the country’s largest airport – Toronto Pearson International, providing access to three of the busiest highways, including access to important rail corridors that connects to the rest of the GTA.

In recent times, Mississauga has become an important economic centre, as an increase in employment opportunities has seen a lot of people come down to the city to earn a living, which has resulted in an increase in the sale of property, including pre-construction condos.

The city prides itself on its diverse community making everyone feel welcome. You will find many pre-construction condos that are closely located to several boutique establishments, fancy dining experiences, and various events in the community that are all within walking distance.

If you are someone that travels often, Pearson International Airport is just 20 minutes away. This is the epitome of convenience. If you are wondering when is the right time to invest in pre-construction condos in Mississauga, well, now is the time! The recent projections in the condominium market in Mississauga show that there is a steady increase in prices, so grab hold of the opportunity and make the most of it. If you need professional help in securing a pre-construction at a fantastic price, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at Preconclub today.

The last couple of years has proven that condos in Mississauga have become an even more attractive investment. Rest assured; that you will always discover something new when living in Mississauga.

How do pre-construction condos compare with the condominium resale market of Mississauga?

Pre-construction condos are priced differently based on the stage the project is currently in. They are usually at their lowest at the time of the launch, and the price will increase over time as the condominium moves in different stages. Builders generally sell most of the condos during the construction phase, since the price is based on the future delivery of a new unit. The pricing of a pre-construction condominium unit is based on several factors like land cost, the cost of construction, price of similar pre-construction units, including development charges and government fees.

Furthermore, a builder will also do their due diligence on future real estate prices before deciding on a price. The condominium resale market on the other hand works solely on demand and supply. The price is controlled by the usual market forces. For instance, a condominium in the same building can sell for different rates based on its finishes, the number of parking units etc. It is different to a builder’s unit where one only pays a premium of $1,000 maybe even more for every floor.

Keep in mind, pre-construction prices are always more than the current market prices of alike units in the resale market. So before taking choosing to purchase a pre-construction condo, it is wise to meet with your local condo expert like Preconclub to get an understanding of the prices and the market. Talk with our team today to find out more details.

A few factors to consider before purchasing pre-construction condos in Mississauga:

Identify how pre-construction condos compare with similar condos in the resale market?

What amenities are included in the pricing? Are there any additional costs to make?

What is the cost of closing for a pre-construction condo and a resale condo?

What are all included in the condo fees?

What are the rules regarding having pets, short-term leasing etc?

How long will the property transfer take?

Helping you invest in a pre-construction condominium unit in Mississauga

Investing in pre-construction condominium units is one of the quickest ways to maximize your money. The day you purchase the condo is the day your investment increases in value. You can rest assured; that the unit will continue to appreciate until you decide to sell. Buying a pre-construction condo is a long-term investment and a great way to earn a passive income. What makes investing in real estate a fantastic investment is that you have complete control of your investment.

Just like any other financial investment, real estate is cyclical, there are days when the market is up, and there are days when the market is down. This is where you as an investor have complete control. If the market is down, you can hold on to the property and choose to sell it when the market is at its peak, and you can make a return on your investment.


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